Humble Request:

 “Sri Ram Sharnam Gohana” does not have any Group, Page or Community on Facebook. Sadhaks are requested not to create groups/pages/accounts on social networks posing as “Sri Ram Sharnam Gohana”. All information related to satsangs of Sri Ram Sharnam Gohana is posted on the official site of Ashram- www.sriramsharnam.org or www.shreeramsharnam.com  or on the youtube page www.youtube.com/SriRamSharnamGohana.

Sharing updates on Satsangs or our revered Gurujans should not be done using such pseudo accounts. Please refrain from posting pictures of Sri Adhishthanji, Jaap Room, Ashram. This is against the maryada of our satsang. Sadhaks should also discourage others creating such pseudo accounts.”